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September in Writing

Hey there! So I’m going to try out something new. You come here, you see that I haven’t updated in a month, and think I haven’t been writing. But I write a lot, just not always here. But how are you supposed to know that?

I thought that to give you something to read, without writing a brand new post here, I’ll start letting you know about some of my other stuff.

So, here you go, here’s what I…

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Your Content Marketing Quarterback

content marketing quarterbackLast Sunday, surrounded my purple-clad family, I was watching the Ravens season opener when something clicked. The sportscaster said something that made me yell, “football is just like content marketing!”

I needed to leave five minutes ago in order to avoid getting caught in the “game’s over” traffic in Baltimore on my way back to Delaware, but I figured I’d remember the idea. So I came back to…

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The Best Email Marketing Providers for Bloggers

The Best Email Marketing Providers for Bloggers

email marketing for bloggers

RSS is great. It will always be some people’s preferred method of reading content. It also makes a lot of awesome things possible. I mean, just look at how many Zapier zaps use RSS.

But from a marketing standpoint, RSS ain’t so hot. We’re in an age where tracking and analytics are going crazy, but the data available for RSS subscribers is stuck in the past.

Email marketing isn’t just for…

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