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Awkward. Rant

All the Team Jake people are saying that Matty is still worse because he was a jerk for a longer period of time than Jake’s few episodes. WTF.

Matty’s jerkdom (don’t care if that’s not a word) lies in the fact that he was completely oblivious to what Jenna wanted (her fault because she never explicitly told him). He was NEVER intentionally mean or cruel. He was just stupid.

Sure, I might be biased because I’ve loved Matty since day one. But I wanted so hard to like Jake and was starting to love his character as much as I love Matty. Now, never.

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Matty’s new girl

Okay, first let me say I don’t hate the idea of Matty going out with someone else to try to get over Jenna. But still, I hate that girl Courtney.

She was being such a bitch. I sort of think that she sensed something between Matty and Jenna and was jealous. I actually sort of hope that’s it, otherwise she’s just a bitch. She’s also immature. I knew I hated her when she went “Good thing your ass is small.” And then the “sounded like that hurt” thing when Jenna hit her head. She just seemed to want to embarrass Jenna.

Then she didn’t really seem to care when Matty was ignoring her and talking to Jake, she just liked that she was on a date with Matty so I think she’s a bit of a social climber. Also, her squeal at the flower Matty bought her was really annoying.

At least she wasn’t in the most recent episode, so maybe Matty is done with her. I definitely don’t think he was trying to make Jenna jealous, but I still don’t think he really liked her. He was just trying to make himself get over Jenna by distracting himself with someone else.

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